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Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct 

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Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Allure Splenda Sweetener. Perfect in coffee, tea, or your favorite chilled beverage. Also great on cereals and snacks!

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this product is a very good product, I have bought some of the big name products. This one is as good if not better yet a cheaper price.

mesmeb2003, 27292

Definately a good quality product and is cheaper than splenda. My husband and I are on sugar restricted diets so this is awesome

leslie.peters.wv, Spurlockville, WV

I am on a special diet and this product is a tasty alternative to sugar in all my recipes!

soldierjoy, Murphy, NC

My husband buys this instead of splenda you get more for cheaper

summer59_2001, Galion, OH