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Home Churned® Spread - 3 Lb. Tub, 48oz 

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Home Churned<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Spread - 3 Lb. Tub, 48oz
Enjoy the rich and creamy taste of Home Churned Spread-3-lb. Tub. Farm-fresh flavor at a sweet price!

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I grew up on real butter and margarine, never thought I would like vegitable spread, but this stuff is great.

Cpinkney, Jacksonville, FL

use atleast 1 tub a month

im_justa_sweetheart, Willard, OH

This is my family's favorite. We prefer it over the name brand. So creamy.

parrish.kelli, Bedford, KY

This Buttery spread is FANTASTIC!! It has a real butter taste with no Trans Fat and half the calories of real butter. It is also a great buy. I drive 22 miles to my nearest Save A Lot just to get this great tasting spread in the 3 lb. size.

lvmy3kdz4evr, Beaufort, MO

excellent spread for the price, this is the only butter i will buy.

robertcole95, Debary, FL