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J. Higgs® Stick Pretzels, 12oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Stick Pretzels, 12oz
Shake up snack time with J. Higgs Stick Pretzels. Stick-shaped pretzels are perfect for savory dips. Why not try them dipped in chocolate & sprinkles for a salty-sweet confection?

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These are perfect for many of my needs - baking, snacking - and at a great price!


These are my absolute favorite pretzels!! They are so inexpensive & better than any pretzel out there! They are always fresh & perfectly salted! This is the only brand that i will buy

Jenfer07, North Olmsted, OH

When it comes to snacking, these are my favorites.

brubenne, Wayne, WV

I love these! They are better than the name brand products that I've tried. They are thin and have just the right amount of salt.

abzvacek, Kansas City, MO

I like these, as they have good flavor and the right amount of saltiness.

Michganmom, Ann Arbor, MI