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Ginger Evans® Strawberry Muffin Mix, 7oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Strawberry Muffin Mix, 7oz
Baking's a snap with this Ginger Evans Strawberry Muffin Mix-Pouch. Delicious and easy to make, impress your family and friends today!

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Abosuletely addicting!

jpkosmo, alachua, FL

My kids love this product. What better way to get the fruit in by putting it in a baked product. they love the strawberry muffins. Sometimes we make them small to snack on throughout the day and sometimes we make them for full enjoyment.

kwright4, Freeport, IL

I love to make these into muffins or pancakes! They are a great hit at home!

cstinson, Sault Sainte Marie, MI

I tried this flavor on a whim...So delicious! I mixed it with the blueberry mix and it was a hit with my son. This is now our favorite breakfast muffin...Thank you Sav-A-Lot!!

kaylorb, La Mesa, CA

I have bought many brands of muffin mixes over the years, including major name brands. The Ginger Evans mixes are by far the best! They are delicious and never, ever stick to the muffin pan. And they are inexpensive!!

happycampers3, Kingsport, TN
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