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Coburn Farms® String Cheese, 10oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> String Cheese, 10oz

Enjoy a nutritious snack anytime with Coburn Farms String Cheese. Delicious mozzarella-style cheese in individually-wrapped single servings. Great for snacks on-the-go!

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Delicious, healthy snacks without breaking the bank! My teenage kids eat these individually wrapped string cheese sticks every day for a quick, healthy snack. I don't mind because it's a healthy, and much less expensive and bigger than the brands at other stores.

kkempski, Wilmington, DE

I have tryed many different brands of string cheese but none compared to MooSticks,I just have to go and buy it as soon as I run out,which is at least three times a week.This is by far the best string cheese ever.It is my favrorite. Try it and you will be very pleased.I'm sure that you will go back for more. Please don't stop selling this product because I would be out of my mind!

perkinsboobear, New Britain, CT

delicious. great flavor and texture.

aleible82, Lockport, NY

My daughter loves this string cheese she will NOT eat any other cheese except this string cheese

Leah_0021, Barnhart, MO

The kids don't even notice it's not the national brand one.

mayces, Wilmington, DE