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Skillet Masters® Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz 

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Skillet Masters<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz
Create delicious skillet dinners without the fuss with Skillet Masters Beef Stroganoff. Just add ground beef and basic ingredients to mix. Creamy and delicious in about 20 minutes!

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I have made this recipe on several occasions. The time and prep is so easy and it tastes so good. You and your family will really enjoy this for dinner and you can easily up the recipe and feed a lot more people for a very fair price.

bmiltona635, Vineland, NJ

I love this stuff! I actually think it tastes better than the name brand. Super flavor!

aflowerchild77, Carneys Point, NJ

This has the exact flavor as the name brand item. It is better because the price is cheaper. It is very easy to make as a main dish or a side dish and loved by the whole family.

vondiehmon1979, Folcroft, PA

great fast dinner idea. add tablespoon of sour cream and paprika for an eastern european taste.

jay-bee-07, Saint Louis, MO

Quick, economical and delicious!