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Skillet Masters® Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz 

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Skillet Masters<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz
Create delicious skillet dinners without the fuss with Skillet Masters Beef Stroganoff. Just add ground beef and basic ingredients to mix. Creamy and delicious in about 20 minutes!

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Good quick meal for a college student. Costs less then the national brand and tastes just as good.

shaffe73, Lansing, MI

This product is amazing and compares very well to the national brand, if not better. Very affordable!

timcojohlew, Martinsburg, WV

This is an awesome quick and cheap family meal. I usually make 2 boxes at a time to feed my family of 5. Plus we have enough left over to all have lunch the follow day!


This is a great family meal. Taste is wonderful.

michelena2000, Dallas, TX

I love this product! It is a quick and easy meal for a night when time is short and it is so great tasting it has become one of our favorites.

jordanvalleygirl, East Jordan, MI