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Skillet Masters® Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz 

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Skillet Masters<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Stroganoff Skillet Master, 6.5oz
Create delicious skillet dinners without the fuss with Skillet Masters Beef Stroganoff. Just add ground beef and basic ingredients to mix. Creamy and delicious in about 20 minutes!

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when i made this i add a can of mushroom and 1 can of mushroom soup is was really creamy it was so good....

DonnaXMae, Gulfport, MS

It's a great starter that can be made great by adding a few items- a dallop of fresh sourcream- use sirloin cubes that have been browned with sliced oninons and you have a dinner that no one will walk away from.

dcg122259, Blairsville, GA

This is a great dish! I tried it first without adding additional seasoning, and it was bland. The next time I tried it, I seasoned my ground beef before adding the Stroganoff and it was delicious. I used Lawry's Seasoning Salt to add flavor to the ground beef and added more egg noodles and the dish turned out great! My children request this dish at least once a week!

givie88, Park Forest, IL

this is cheap and fast but you have to spice it up add some oinions and lot of spixe to taset and you cant go wrong

danny6432, Aurora, CO

always add seasoning to this dish. Makes the dish stand out.

susanmdir, Saint Cloud, FL