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Bramley's® Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves, 13oz 

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Bramley's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves, 13oz
Experience all the sweetness in life with Bramley's Sugar-Free Strawberry Preserves. All the deliciousness of original Bramley's preserves but without the added sugar
  • Low Sugar

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my two year old loves this jelly and shes very picky its better than any other jelly i think

andreana23, gravois mills, MO

this product is very good and it is very tasty and it has alot of pieces of berries

rschanbacher, York, PA

I tried this product because I had to monitor my sugar intake. I must say it is very good and this will be a product used in the Hagan household


My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He was so happy when I discovered the sugar-free strawberry preserves at Save-a-Lot! He loves a little dab on toast, a small peanut butter sandwich or a rare biscuit. This product is great, and helps him to satisfy his sweet tooth, yet stay within his diet! The price is right, too -- which satisfies me. I pay $1.49 a jar -- a similar product at the big-name store is well over $3.

mkmarl01, Louisville, KY

Our family just LOVES this sugar free strawberry preserves. It has a very satisfying taste and we enjoy using it in milkshakes, on warm oatmeal, and with peanut butter in a sandwich. What an awesome value at .99 . I will definitely be stocking up!!!

Jaybeth1234, Mishawaka, IN