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World's Fair® Sundae Cones, 24fl oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Sundae Cones, 24fl oz
Experience the world-class flavor of World's Fair Premium Sundae Cones. Delicious vanilla ice cream in a classic sugar cone, drizzled with chocolate and topped with crunchy peanuts. Yum!

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These are great! It's hard to find icecream cones that are heaping with icecream & not flat. They are covered in chocolate & nuts, just as the picture on the box shows!

kokokerr2, Hubbard, OH

I buy these everytime I go to Save A Lot - they are delicious and with a great price! I love the chocolate and nuts on top - and of course the tiny cone of chocolate you get at the bottom is a great ending!

joan_newells, Saint Marys, PA

These are our favorites. We have to make a special trip to our local store to pick these up every week! They are so yummy!

cindylee146, Madisonville, TN

These are fabulous!

cindylee146, Madisonville, TN

These are my faves.... yummy :)

hr487, Sparta, TN