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Mantia's Supreme Pizza, 21.75oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Supreme Pizza, 21.75oz
Bring authentic Italian flavor home with Mantia's Supreme Pizza. Flavorful crust covered with sauce, creamy cheeses and delicious meat and vegetables-all at a fraction of the price of delivery!

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The best frozen pizza that I have bought and my hubby loves them too. I add some things just because we like a few things that are not on it, but it is great without the extras too.


My husband and I picked some of your pizzas up for the first time including supreme. It cooked really fast. It also had plenty of toppings and sauce. It was very good. Also reasonably priced. Will definitely be picking up more of these again!!

karenb913, Danville, VA

I am very pleasantly surprised with your pizza. It seems you may be one of the few who actually use enough sauce so it can be tasted. I recently bought a Pizza Hut pie. I was greatly disappointed because all one could taste was the fluffy pie dough. It was pretty good dough but I didn't want oily bread I wanted a pizza. Your supreme was really a surprise. I added a little cheese and some greek peppers (also found at S-A-L) and it was just great! Keep up the good work. I am most pleased. ;)... Dr Thom

Stinkeybum, jac'sinVivile, FL

Excellent fresh ingredients, crispy crust.

jadan03, Ormond Beach, FL

Super value, great taste! cooks fast, comparable to other name brands but, better priced. Always have in the freezer, kids make them for meal and snacks!!

fleazzar, Dafter, MI