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Portmann's® Sweet & Saucy French Dressing, 16fl oz 

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Portmann's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Sweet & Saucy French Dressing, 16fl oz

Create delicious salads with Portmann's Sweet & Saucy French Dressing. Tangy French dressing with a touch of cream is a great way to make ordinary salads extraordinary.

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This is so Great!!! It is the only kind that I buy-it is my favorite!!!

jellycole7, Marcus Hook, PA

This is a very tasty French dressing, just the right combination of sweetness and tang, so the name fits perfectly.

harmonettes, Mount Carmel, IL

I don't eat salads without this stuff anymore!

ellie.catlett, louisville, KY

You say you have a coupon for this item, (which I use all the time, by the way, and especially love the Portmann's light Italian) but there is no coupon in the coupon group for this line of products.

lindy, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I REALLY liked the flavor of this had a little kick to it!...nice! :)

themelclub, New Hartford, NY
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