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Baumann's Best® Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce, 18oz 

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Baumann's Best<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce, 18oz

Baumann's Best Sweet & Tangy barbecue sauce is Save-A-Lot's exclusive, premium sweet and tangy sauce. Baumann's Best is the "Sauce for the Grill."

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this was thee best bbq sauce, cheap and delicious! i always buy it.

drick, New Castle, PA

This sauce is awesome. I do not have to doctor it up. As long as you sell, I will never buy Open Pit again. Just wish you had not changed the size of the bottle. Also, what happened to the Hot & Spicy sauce?


I purchase this BBQ Sauce it was very good on the spare ribs I would do it all over again.

Batman2010, Deltona, FL

Great barbecue for grilling out... yummy!

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