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Marcum® Taco Seas Mix, 1.25oz 

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Marcum<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Taco Seas Mix, 1.25oz
Have a delicious, satisfying meal any night of the week with Marcum Taco Seasoning Mix. Spicy and delicious tacos are a snap with the perfect blend of seasonings in this mix.

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I have been very happy with most of the Marcum spices, but holy guacamole, this was way tooo salty for me - made my cheeks pucker! I had to rinse half the taco meat of in a colander under hot water to wash of most of the spice coating/sauce off, and then return to the pan to dilute the rest of the seasoned meat down so it would be edible. This spice mix has good flavor, just way to much salt/MSG in it. I think I'll pay and extra $.30 and buy Ortega packs. I never had any issues with them.

douglasfir, Beverly Hills, FL

This is, without a doubt, the VERY BEST taco seasoning on the market! Our entire family just loves it. I add it to so many different meals...I make a layered taco dip with this...just add 1 cup of mayo, 1 cup of sour cream, the taco seasoning and mix's good on any salad...and also wonderful on a baked potato. If you're watching calories and fat, then use the fat-free mayo and fat-free sour cream....thanks again...Judy Knight


I like this taco seasoning, but the brand you as selling before this one was the best. I was really disappointed when you changed brands.


This is the BEST - Not to mention the CHEAPEST TACO seasoning I have ever had! FAR better than other 'store brands' and EVEN THE BIG BRANDS! - MUCH MORE TRADITIONAL seasoning - and this is coming from someone that LIVED in the South-West for nearly 2 decades!

jimsfreecoupons, Gainesville, FL

The best taco mix I ever had. I go out of my way just to buy this. I usually buy 10 packs at a time. No other brands compare to this taco mix. It's delicious.

weberm05, Hastings, PA