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Senora Verde® Taco Shells, 4.5oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Taco Shells, 4.5oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Taco Shells-12-ct. 12 crispy corn taco shells are delicious with your favorite filling-ground beef, spicy chicken, or grilled fish with lime.

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Having to cut down in these hard times, I find that some less expensive 'store brands' are even better then the name brands, what am I talking about?? I'm talking about the Senora Verde Taco Shells! I am amazed about how good they are, how they are just the right crunch to them, they're not too thick nor too thin, they're just right. Having used the Senora Verde now for well over a year, I have yet to find but maybe once or twice some of the shells have been cracked or a few pieces of shells in the box. Even though it does not call for a microwave to be used to heat these, I have also found that they do heat up very well in the microwave, which makes it very nice being able to make tacos in the summer or warmer weather without having to turn on your oven. They shell are large enough so you can fill them without spilling any of the fillings or toppings over the sides, plus the fact that the shell hold up great while eating and don't fall apart when you take a bite. They may cost less then the 'other' taco shells, but trust me, they're certainly not 'cheaply' made or even 'cheaply' tasting! I make a special trip once a month to my local Save a Lot to make sure I get 3-4 boxes, so we have enough to last us the month. If you haven't tried them yet, please, head out to your near by Save a Lot and give them a won't be sorry you did!

dream41495, Olive Hill, KY

Great tacos fresh and crunchy as good as major brands. Love these.

pennypincher, Lakeland, FL

These taco shells are the best. They have great flavor and crisp up really well.

nanaodea, Grand Island, FL

Great shells for the money. Never any broken or chipped shells. The also have great flavor.

llonk251eae, Charleston, TN

We love these taco shells! It's the only brand we buy now. the shells are just the right thickness- warmed in the oven they come out nice and crispy. The flavor is great, too.I have yet to open a box of broken ones (maybe that's just good luck? lol) Great product- awesome value!

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