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Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, 26oz 

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Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, 26oz
Create an authentic Italian meal right in your own kitchen with Ferratto's Tomato-Basil Pasta Sauce. Rich, flavorful tomatoes and fragrant basil combine to create an exceptional sauce, perfect for spaghetti, linguini, and pasta bakes.

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Victorious against any store brand tomato sauce in quality and quantity of ingredients. Very natural with large and many cloves of garlic. No sugar or corn syrup added. Basil is great and the entire sauce uses olive oil as opposed to other inferior oils, so for people with allergies, this product is wonderful! Large chunks of wholesome tomato. Very much like homemade, pure, healthy, and natural sauce. Great and inexpensive price too. Best of the best!!!!


This is a good sauce with a nice fresh flavor. I added meatballs and more onions and garlic.

inforest, Baldwin , MI

I love eating spaghetti and this is the best I could get considering the price and the taste of tomatoes and basil. Best for linguini pasta.

carriban, Kansas City, MO

Love this sauce. It's absolutely fab if you add homemade meatballs and let it simmer or put in crockpot for a while.

BSTERN152, Cape Coral, FL

excellent sauce to use for pizza and lasagna...already seasoned for you.

Ritastars, Gulfport, FL

This is a great alternative to homemade sauce. It actually tastes richer than a lot of name brand sauces I have tried before. This sauce is also a great base for other dishes such as lasagna, chicken Parmesan, etc.

brandymhines, Kingston, TN

Fresh, just like homeade!

princessbully, Triadelphia, WV

We have bought this product many times. It is a great quality product and can stand up to any brand name sauce around. We also buy all the dry pastas and rice in the store brand and love them all.

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