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J. Higgs® Unsalted Buttery Rounds Snackers, 16oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Unsalted Buttery Rounds Snackers, 16oz
Treat yourself to a satisfying snack with J. Higgs Unsalted Buttery Rounds Snackers. Rich-tasting unsalted crackers are delicious topped with cheese slices, spreads, or salads.
  • Low Sodium

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I like them better than the name brand crackers. The low salt version taste much better than the full salt cracker.

ttmb3, North Augusta, SC

These crackers are crisp and delicious. I use them (crushed) when I make casseroles. They are great as a snack with cheese too!

smiddlecn, Birmingham, AL
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