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J. Higgs® Unsalted Saltines, 16oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Unsalted Saltines, 16oz

Enjoy the taste of a classic favorite without the sodium with J. Higgs Unsalted Saltines. All the flavor of the original without the salt!

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i usually love these crackers but last 2 times i purchased them every pack was crushed


I'd prefer it if they were a little more crispy, but they're not bad, especially having a lot less sodium than the regular saltines. They're not salt-free, though. They are only unsalted tops, if I'm not mistaken. Ate some last night with peanut butter! Hehe


Great crackers and at the best price!

madison72997, East Palatka, FL

We really enjoy these crackers. They are always crisp and tasty. The unsalted tops are nice because you don't have to have all the salt to enjoy the crackers.

donnellyfam2, Norwich, NY

these crackers are the best and the price is great

mildred_hcks, Potts Camp, MS