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World's Fair® Vanilla 1/2 Gal, 64fl oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Vanilla 1/2 Gal, 64fl oz
Experience the world-class flavor of World's Fair Vanilla Ice Cream-_ Gallon. Creamy vanilla ice cream-pure, simple, & delicious. Yum!

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I love this ice cream & I love the price. It rivals any of the national brands & it's 10x better than a certain national brand that starts with a "B" and is in a black container. Will never spend $4-6 for half a gallon of ice cream again.


This ice cream is wonderfully smooth and creamy with a perfectly balanced flavor. We love it!

wadfordj, Archer, FL

My wife and I were suprised by the vivid vanilla flavor and the smooth texture. Makes great milkshakes. Can't be beat for the price.


This is one of my favorite brands of plain vanilla ice cream... tastes so rich and creamy!!

sdgalonthego, Bronson, FL
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