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Westcott® Vegetable Shortening, 48oz 

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For the best in cooking and baking, use Westcott Vegetable Shortening. Made with vegetable fat.

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I too used at least 6 cans a week for buttercream. This weekend I noticed that the label on the can was different and I had 2 wedding cakes that were epic FAILURES because of the buttercream. Westcott, PLEASE provide a way for us to purchase the old recipe shortening for those of us who need it desparately! Please!!

plv, Valdosta, GA

I have purchased this shortening for years and now it no longer container trans fats and does not work with buttercream icing. I purchased approximately 150-175 cans a year...will have to find a new supplier. Very disappointed Save-A-Lots!


This shortening is very soft and creamy. It's much better than Crisco for making buttercream frosting. The taste and texture is awesome for decorating cakes :o )

taspangler, Rockville, IN

This shortening is very creamy and great for baking!

lkpeters1961, Ithaca, MI

This is the best shortening I have ever used that was a store brand. It is very creamy and makes a great pie crust. Beats the price of Crisco by a mile and works as well.

Donnas60, West Winfield, NY