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Coburn Farms® Whipped Topping, 8oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Whipped Topping, 8oz
Make your next dessert extra special with Coburn Farms Whipped Topping. Cool and creamy whipped topping is delicious on pies, cakes, puddings, and other confections.

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I use this topping in all my dessert recipes and they come out perfect. I perviously only used Cool Whip brand, but this is now my new favorite!!!

125, Wellston, OH

I love Save-A-Lot whipped topping! It is better than Cool-Whip brand at just a fraction of the cost! All my recipes come out beautifully with this product, and sometimes we make "diet" ice cream sandwiches out of it by putting it between two chocolate grahams and wrapping it in celophane and freezing for a few hours. Yum!

auntb1, whitesburg, KY

very good. Just as good as the brand name for less.

oceanbreeze54, Weaver, AL

This is the best store brand I have found as compared to the "major" name brand(CW). It does not get watery while stored in the refrigerator. I can keep it up to 3 weeks if it last that long. I don't drink milk with cereal, I mix different kinds of cereal together and stir in the desired amount of whipped topping to bind it together...yum! yum!!! This whipped topping is good on a lot of foods, not just desserts.

greatdgerfan, Denton, NC
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