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Ginger Evans® White Cake Mix, 18.25oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> White Cake Mix, 18.25oz

Baking's a snap with this Ginger Evans White Cake Mix. Delicious and easy to make, try it for your next party or anytime!

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I baked one today. Followed directions exactly. Greased pans and dusted with flour. When cooked after 35 min, left in pan t cool 20 minutes (as instructions read). Could not get out of pans. Finally had broken up cake halfs together. Used GE frosting that would not spread on cake easily. What cake was whole fell apart when tryin to cut pieces. Complete disaster. Tell me which part of directions Ishould NOT have folowed. Thanx.

Reebie, Taunton, MA

I have been baking and decorating cakes for family and friends for years, but since I started using Ginger Evans White Cake mixes, my baking has REALLY picked up! I add my own secret touches to it, but it is hands down the best cake mix I have ever used. I think I went through 2 cases of it last month!

tlb1980, Pontotoc, MS

I bake and decorate special occasion cakes for my clients. I have a secret recipe for my cake batter.........Ginger Evans cake mix!!!!!!! It always turns out better than the higher priced mixes. I constantly receive compliments on my moist and tasty cakes! I have to give credit to the Ginger Evans cake mix!

ladybuggrfx, Murphy, NC

I buy anywhere from 12 to 24 of these White cake mixes a month. I make wedding cakes and sheet cakes for others and find that they have the best quality for taste and moistness. I doctor them a little but still dont campare to other brands, so I buy exclusively the Save-a-lot cake mixes.

geneenke, Ottawa, IL

I love all the flavors of the Ginger Evans cake mixes, but the "white" is my favorite. It's as good or better than any boxed cake mix I've used. Try preparing the mix, dividing the batter and add cocoa power to about 1/3 of the batter. Swirl the chocolate batter thru the white and make a marble cake. This is a great mix, makes a wonderful white cake for everyday or a special occasion.