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Kurtz® White Vinegar, 32fl oz 

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Kurtz<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> White Vinegar, 32fl oz
Bring home the best with Kurtz White Vinegar. Tangy flavor is great for homemade dressings & more. All-natural cleaning properties make this a great alternative to harsh chemical solutions.

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I buy your vinegar by the gallon to use, not only for cooking, but also for my cleaning needs, including ceramic tile and Pergo floors, bathrooms, windows, and, of course, my coffee pot. Because I use a lot of vinegar, Sav-A-Lot's price is very budget-friendly. Thanks, Sav-A-Lot for helping me through these trying economic times.

frankikat, Bradenton, FL

Due to health issues we have had to eliminate chemicals from our home. So we now clean with vinegar and soda. It has made a tremendous impact on our home! Not only healthy but saves on money too

sncmandrell, De Tour Village, MI
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