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Whole Homogenized Milk, 64oz 

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Whole Homogenized Milk, 64oz
Save-A-Lot's Whole Homogenized Milk is a delicious and nutritious beverage-at a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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We were wary about buying the milk but with the price being lower than other places we gave it a chance. We were pleasantly surprised and happy. This is our new Milk brand!

M_Kelly, Palm Bay, FL

It is tasted good. And the price is OK.

doctor_zxg, Kansas City, MO

The is the best place to shop for Milk. The milk is the same as any other stores milk and it's cheaper. I usually shop at Sam's club and the milk there is a bit less than Walmart. The price of milk at Walmart is $3.29 to $3.79. The milk price at Save a lot is $2.69-$2.79. That is a price no one can beat. Thanks save a lot.

njohnson, Fort Myers, FL

Great milk, good price

quickt, Port Orange, FL

The price is cheaper and a good price to even get 2 gallons.we just tryed Winn Dixie Mile and the taste was awful.We couldn't enjoy it with our meal.So,we went to Savealot and bought there Whole Milk and the taste was so smooth and light.No more Winn Dixie Whole Milk for us.

tdcangiano, Orlando, FL