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Wylwood® Whole Kernel Corn, 15.25oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Whole Kernel Corn, 15.25oz

Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Whole Kernel Corn. Sweet corn makes a terrific side dish. Try it baked in breads and casseroles!

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A++ Will buy again. Tastes like corn on the cob. Perfect to go with any meal I use it with my ham dinner and shepards pie.


Great price great product!

motroubletoo2, Youngstown, OH

Very good tender, sweet corn!

rainalew, Washington, IN

i love to buy at save a lot especially for cannned food because they are half the price when i check at other stores

simonessamuels, Lindenwold, NJ

Not only does the Wylewood corn have a wonderful, almost 'fresh off the cob' taste, it is also very affordable ~ which is a good thing when you are preparing meals for a family of 6 !! Thanks, Angela200541

angela200541, hunttington, WV