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Mantia's Wide Noodles, 12oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Wide Noodles, 12oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Wide Noodles. Enriched egg noodles are delicious in soups or as a side dish with butter and parsley.

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Love these noodles

tiffanydas, China, MI

love this for a quick meal

nlsullivan, Jacksonville, FL

Beef stew is a very expensive dish to prepare,especially when your trying to buy your ingredients from other stores.I've found save a lots canned beef stew, and those delicious egg noodles to be a cheaper way to go and your meal taste even better. Thanks Atanyia Miller

atanyiam, Gainesville, FL

love these noodles...just add sauted cabbage, turkey bacon, and some have complete meal

thollowniczky, Elyria, OH

Very good noodles. Price is good and i make many different meals with them.

dmd8283, Wyandotte, MI

Love these egg noodles!! I've bought the more expensive brands at other stores, and no other brand even comes close to the quality of this brand! All others clump together and just taste awful!! I always tell everyone this is the only brand I'll buy!

momto3girlies, Zanesville, OH

These noodles are great to have on hand and I make a delicious tuna casserole with them.

nancyann, Tarpon Springs, FL

These noodles make dinner very quick and easy. The price can't be beat and it easy to prepare.

nascaramy, Hudson, FL

I made a beef noodle dish using hamburger meat, diced onions, tomato sauce and chicken bouillon. It was great and very economical.

recessionbetty, harlingen, TX
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