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Bubba Zero, 67.6oz 

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Bubba Zero, 67.6oz

Enjoy all the Bubba flavor with zero calories.

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This is really close to Coke Zero, too bad the store I normally shop at stopped carrying this product, along with the Mr Pibb knockoff in diet and 2 liters. used to buy them both. Now I look for sales at other stores because the diet bubba cola tastes too much like any other store brand.

julvrug1, Hudsonville, MI

Bubba Zero is the same quality as Coke or Pepsi zero but for a fraction of the cost. I hope they will add more zero calorie options to their line-up.

crestonhulett, Valdosta, GA

I am very picky about store brand cola but this is very close to Coke Zero. Certainly worth the try, I was very pleasantly surprised and now it is on my weekly shopping list.

amy.bell, Port Orange, FL
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