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Recipes for Inexpensive Meals

Easy, Simple Meals Save Money

If you want to plan inexpensive meals for your family, but you’re tired of giving the same answer when someone asks what is for dinner, then you’ve come to the right place!

Mix up your menu with these easy, simple meals from other Save-A-Lot shoppers. Browse recipes by course or cuisine to plan inexpensive meals your family will love. You’ll find enough to plan for a whole month or more! To make it even easier, you can automatically add all of the ingredients to your online grocery list with the click of a button.

What is for dinner? Or breakfast? Or lunch? Something delicious from Save-A-Lot!

Inexpensive Meals Save Time, Too

The average prep time for most recipes is around 5-10 minutes, and cook time is usually around 5-20 minutes.

After trying these easy, simple meals, come back and rate them to let other Save-A-Lot cooks know how you liked it! Or, if you altered the recipe to your liking, write a review and tell others about the variation.

Want to Share Your Recipes for Easy, Simple Meals?

Inspire other Save-A-Lot shoppers with your creations by submitting your own recipe. By joining our Smart Shopper Club, you can submit all of your own recipes, review other recipes, create and print shopping lists, find product coupons and stay up-to-date on the latest low prices.