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4 Bean Vegetarian Chili

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
8 people

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6 ratings
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4 Bean Vegetarian Chili



1. Mix ingredients together stir to mix the spices evenly.

2. Cook in a big pot on low-med. Heat for at least 2 hours or cook in a crock-pot on low all day (at least 10 hours).


This is very good. It's so easy if you use the slow cooker to just dump, stir and come back later! When you want to find an easy to make and healthy winter meal this is a good one. It makes about 8-10 bowls and the best part is when put in a freezer bag it freezes really well. I consider this a healthy meal since it has no meat but plenty of protein. It's also easy on the budget. You can make some corn bread and invite a ton of folks over for dinner. When I cook light I need to be aware of the fat I use to cook my food and the other sugars and such I put into it. I can use sugar substitutes and light options for other fats and oils. I try adding more protein (like beans poultry and fish) to my diet and increase my intake of fruits and veggies.

Categories: Vegetarian, Soups

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This is a great dish for my whole family to enjoy!

powell509, Mobile, AL

One of thwe most awesome tasting dishes I have ever tried.

manesh76_2000, Sterling, IL

Vegetarian Chili has taken over 1st place with my family as their chili recipe. No meat is needed with this hearty dish, and knowing it is healthier for me is worth every satisfying bite.

cz2me, burlington, NJ

I thought this was some of the best tasting chili I have ever had - bar none! Good for you too!!

JillBro, Negley, OH

great taste, easy, economical

countrybum, National City, MI