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All Purpose Veggie Cream Cheese

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
1 person

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9 ratings
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Dice 1 T of all vegetables the size of a match tip. Mix with a spoon cream cheese so all ingredients are combined and place in a storage container and refrigerate.


My wife is always in the mood for a fresh health snack that goes with everything. Try toasting your favorite bread like Whole Wheat Rye pita's, a bagel or roll and spread on the veggie cream cheese. Fill Celery sticks or make veggie chips or sticks and dip! Try on top of a baked potato! Instead of mayo on a sandwich try the veggie spread. As a snack spread on your favorite crackers. Use in roll-up's and add you favorite fillings! The list is as endless as your imagination. You can also use any vegetables that you like.

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I tried this recipe and completely fell in love!!!! I actually added a bit of fresh chives to the recipe, and yum, yum!!!

coraclarkejohnson, york, PA

Cream cheese is always yummy. This recipe is the easiest and the best.

Ladyhildy, Ocala, FL

I have been looking for a good flavored veggie cream cheese for a long time. I finally found one at Save-a-Lot recipes! It's quick, easy and delicious. I make it all the time.

kokopeli723, Saint Johns, FL

Great tasting, easy and inexpensive. Thanks.

djc62351, Morgantown, WV

This was very good, I added 1/4 tsp onion powder to give it a bit more zip

irenehwil73, Etna, ME