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Apple Dip

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
8 people

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8 ratings
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Apple Dip



1. Mix softened cream cheese with brown sugar, sugar and chocolate chips.

2. Serve with apple wedges.


This is something I love to serve at parties. The sweetness of the dip along with a nice crisp apple makes it both delicious and addictive. I never serve it without a request for the recipe!

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great and easy recipe !!

bls32, New Salem, PA

Awesome recipe! It is delicious...

karenkaytaylor7, Palm Bay, FL

looks like it be a great recipe to try .


My daughter and all her friends always ask for this when its sleep over time. I can finaly get her to eat apples!!!!!! Very tastey and if the kids will eat apples I am all for it.

lonelyangellost, Painesville, OH

Nice for a change to counteract the tartness of the apple.

geology48, Delanson, NY