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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
240 Minutes
4 people

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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Love BBQ pork? Try this slow cooker pork recipe. It's so delicious and easy, crock pot pulled pork just might become your family's new weekly staple.



1. Rinse pork and place in slow cooker.

2. Mix seasoning, ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar and apple juice until blended. Pour over pork. Cover.

3. Cook 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high (cook until tender and starts to fall apart when poked with fork). Remove pork from slow cooker.

4. Shred or chop BBQ and return to slow cooker; mix and heat with sauce before serving.


This is the BEST BBQ pork that I've ever made. I tweaked the ingredients on the seasoning packet and could not help but to share with everyone else! I took this out of the slow cooker at midnight and couldn't resist to eat a few bites right then!!! Better the next day as the slow cooker pork just savors in the sauce!

Depending on the number of people you need to serve, do not change the sauce recipe from above. This crock pot pulled pork will work well with either a 3-lb. pork shoulder roast or a 5- to 6-lb. Boston butt. Follow the spice package directions, but by doubling the ketchup and brown sugar and adding the apple juice, there is plenty of extra sauce left with either choice of meat.

Categories: American, Main Dishes

Thanks to from Albemarle, NC for submitting this recipe.

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Another way is to use cherry coke/pepsi. If you like pepsi better than coke, use that lol It is so tender and makes for a great pulled-pork sandwich... I could live off this stuff. I love BBQ pork!!

killabti81, Seminole, FL

I can't wait to make these for the Steeler Game this weekend. Now this is a great football food to serve & so easy & no fuss, that I can enjoy the game too, instead of being stuck in the kitchen!!!!!! THANKS

piney27, jefferson hills, PA

Wow! I'm so excited to try this soon:-)


This was easy and tasted great

stephen.fago, Riverview, FL

Great BBQ!! I am not a big fan of BBQ, but my hubby & kids LOVE it, so I thought I'd try this recipe & I LOVE it TOO!! I make it all the time!! Sometimes I have a beef roast on hand & I'll use that. Whatever meat you use the BBQ sauce comes out delicious!!