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BLT Wrap

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
10 people

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BLT Wrap

This BLT wrap recipe was inspired by necessity. How can you satisfy kids who want a BLT, but aren’t big enough to handle a huge sandwich? Make a BLT wrap! This wrap recipe is very easy to make and simple to serve, and will please the taste buds of kids and adults alike!



1. Fry the bacon on a medium-high heat griddle until completely cooked and crispy/crunchy.

2. Move cooked bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Place the lettuce, tomatoes and mayo in a bowl. Combine these three ingredients by cutting the lettuce and tomatoes into smaller pieces as you mix. Set aside.

3. Place one flour tortilla on a plate, and place 3 Tbsp of the salad mixture onto the tortilla. Spread the mixture to the edges of the tortilla. Crumble 2-3 slices of bacon over the lettuce mixture, then sprinkle 3-4 Tbsp of cheddar on top.

4. Microwave the tortilla until the cheese is melted and the lettuce and tortilla are slightly warm (30-40 seconds). Tightly roll up the tortilla to make your BLT wrap. Cut the BLT wrap into thirds, and secure each section with a toothpick (if desired).


I run an in-home daycare and the children in my care saw a restaurant ad on TV for BLT club sandwiches and asked if they could have it for lunch one day. I knew their small 3- and 4-year-old hands would never get around a club sandwich. The bacon, lettuce and tomato would fall out on their first bite. I started to think of how I could keep the lettuce and tomato from falling out as they ate it. That gave me the idea of mixing the mayo with the lettuce and tomato to make it stick together. I also thought the toasted bread might be hard and scratchy on their little mouths. That made me think of an alternative bread form. I decided to use tortilla shells to make a BLT wrap. I added the cheese, because any mom knows kids love anything with cheese. Once I had all my ingredients for my BLT wrap recipe, I knew I would be shopping for them all at Save-A-Lot because they are by far the least expensive grocery store in my town. On a daycare salary with many little mouths to feed, food cost is crucial to my budget. I tested out my alternative BLT wrap recipe a few days later and it was a huge hit. Not only did they love the taste but it was easy for them to handle and contained two vegetable servings, 1 protein serving and 1 carbohydrate serving in a single dish. As a daycare provider I need to make sure that the little ones entrusted in my care get a certain number of servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and starches/carbohydrates in each meal. One day I had a few left over and my husband heated them and ate them as a snack when he came home from work. He thought they were delicious!! This gave me the idea to serve them as finger foods at parties and different occasions because they are so easy to eat when standing and talking.

Categories: American, Main Dishes

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I did not follow the recipe/directions exactly. I instead used the pre cooked microwave bacon because it is so much faster, I sliced the tomato into strips, and left lettuce leave whole. I spread mayo onto tortilla shells then added lettuce leaf and lined/stacked bacon & tomato toward one side & rolled it up BLT Burrito!!! YUMMY!!



abbner11, Owensboro, KY

Great recipe

melinda.peters, Tyner, KY

This was a hit with the big guys at my house! I used the largest flour tortillas I could find! A great meal for a hot day :)

HootOwlGal, Jacksonville, FL

I absolutely love this recipe!!!! It tastes so delicious and my husband loves it too!!!!

awilson8485, Fort Wayne, IN