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Chicken Dumplings

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
4 people

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Boil the chicken quarters for approximately 1 hour. Keep chicken broth from the boiling chicken. Let chicken cool to room tempature. Kneed the flour - add 6 cups of flour in a bowl with the 6 eggs and add water so the dough is not too thin (kind of like peanut butter) if you like add pepper or salt. Reheat the chicken broth you boiled the chickenin add the chicken boil cubes. Take the dough you made in the bowl, get a table spool full at a time and add it in the broth and keep on adding it till no more dough is left in the bowl. Add chicken pieces and let cook 15 minutes then that last cup of flour mix it with cold water till creamy and add to chicken soup and mix til it gets thick (you can add more flour to make it thicker).


This was my grandma Kluck's chicken dumplings she passed a way 6 years ago. She loved to cook for family and friends. I miss her so dearly, when others were sick she know what to make people to feel better. This is one the meals she didn't want no one to know how to make. She told me its a cheap and fast meal any one can make and trust me its yummy. I am crying just writing this down, because I miss her and she taught me how to save money and make lots of food for many people she had ten kids so she had to figure out how to stretch money and feed the family her husband passed away so she learned fast and taught me some the ideals of cooking.

Categories: Dinner, Lunch, Main Dishes

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sounds yummy, i usually make mine using the recipe off the biquik box but this one sounds easier and yummy.

christy9500bell, Ottawa, IL

This was delicious!! I'm not much of a cook but this was really simple!

carolynkelly09, Michigan City, IN

This sounds like a receipe my Mom makes. But she rolls her dough out instead. This one will be easier. Instead of chicken breasts I use a whole chicken (cheaper to buy).

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