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Cinnamon Roll Cheese Cake

Prep Time
25 minutes active, 2 hours inactive
Cook Time
13 minutes
8 people

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1. Take Ginger Evans cinnamon roll dough and cut at least 14 slices. Lay the slices flat in a 9" deep dish pie pan so that it is completely covered.

2. Place a piece of parchment paper or greased aluminum foil over the pan and then place another empty pie pan on top of the parchment to weigh it down.

3. Bake the cinnamon rolls at 400°F for 12-13 minutes until fully cooked, set aside to cool completely.

4. Using an electric mixer, whip together Coburn Farms® cream cheese with Marcum® vanilla and cinnamon, plus the icing package from the cinnamon rolls. Whip the cream cheese mixture on low till combined, then at high speed for 1 minute until smooth.

5. Fold Coburn Farms® whipped topping into the cream cheese mixture, then fill your pie shell with it. Allow it to set up in fridge covered at least 2 hours.

6. Remove cheesecake from fridge and drizzle with Worlds Fair® caramel.

7. If adding pecans, sprinkle them on the cheesecake. Serve and Enjoy!


To partially freeze the dough takes about 30-45 min, spray your knife with nonstick cooking spray to make slicing easier.

Categories: American, Dinner, Desserts

Thanks to manifest from St. Louis, MO for submitting this recipe.

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