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Easy Baked Carnitas

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
6 people

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Easy Baked Carnitas

Many people have their own carnitas recipe, with that special secret ingredient or method of cooking that makes it unique. This carnitas recipe is simple and easy. The carnitas are baked slowly at a low temp — or “slow and low” — to coax out the best flavor, which means you can prepare side dishes, a dessert or just go about your day while the carnitas cook. These pork carnitas are made from small cubes of meat (the word “carnitas” means “little meats”), but you can also use the same ingredients to make pork carnitas with shredded meat in a crock-pot or slow-cooker.



Combine all spices and rub the pork cubes with the mixture. Let the meat marinate at room temperature for 1 hour. Bake the cubes on a rack over a baking sheet for 1 1/2 hours at 250 F, or until the meat is very crisp.


This baked carnitas recipe can be an easy way to spice up meal time, any night of the week! Create the rub in the morning and let the meat marinate in the refrigerator all day, then just pop the pan in the oven in the late afternoon or early evening, depending on when your family likes to eat. You’ll be impressed at how much flavor these easy pork carnitas have!

Categories: Dinner, Mexican, Main Dishes

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This was delicious!


I haven't made this dish yet, but crisp pork doesn't sound very tasty

jserio, Silver Creek, NY

This dish is easy to make and relatively quick to prepare as well. My family liked it and we will be serving it again.

valusa2, Boardman, OH