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Italian Recipes

Italian Recipes

Italian recipes aren’t limited to just spaghetti and tomato sauce. Italian cuisine offers a whole world to explore, whether you’re a culinary expert or just starting to try Italian cooking. Our Italian recipes are easy to follow and fast to make, so it’s easy to bring the flavors of Italian cuisine to your table any night of the week.


Plus, Italian recipes can be very adaptable. You can easily customize our Italian recipes by adding your favorite vegetables or changing up other ingredients according to your family’s tastes. Browse our Italian recipes below, and you’ll be saying “Buon Appetito!” in no time!


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Many of the ingredients in Italian cuisine can be found pre-prepared in our stores, such as crusts for pizza, sauces and shredded cheese. When planning your Italian cooking adventures, plan for even bigger savings by adding Save-A-Lot brand ingredients to your list. Shopping at Save-A-Lot for your Italian cuisine needs will save you money and time, so you can enjoy becoming an Italian cooking pro!

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Italian Lasagna

Searching online for a lasagna recipe might give you the impression that you have to slave away in the kitchen...

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Macaroni Casserole

What happens when you take macaroni and cheese ingredients, add a few simple extras and bake it? You get a delicious...

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Pizza Calzone

With almost no prep work required, this pizza calzone recipe is one of the easiest calzone recipes you’ll...

11 - 20 of 24
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