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Mini Heart Shaped Cakes

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6 people

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Mini Heart Shaped Cakes

Show your love with these adorable little desserts.



1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Lightly grease a 10”x15” sheet cake pan, then dust with flour.

2. In a large bowl, beat together the cake mix, eggs and sour cream. Set aside.

3. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter, then stir in the cocoa powder, cinnamon and water. Boil for 30 seconds, then remove from heat.

4. Stir into the cake mix/egg mixture. Pour batter into the prepared pan. Bake for 20 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Remove from oven and allow to cool.

5. While cake is cooling, make the frosting. Beat or whisk together the whipped topping and 1 pack of vanilla pudding until evenly combined. Add second pudding pack if desired, to create your desired texture.

6. When cake is cool, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter (whatever size you’d like) to cut out cake layers. Layer your mini cakes as desired. To create a 3-layer mini heart-shaped cake: Top one heart with frosting, then another heart, then another layer of frosting, then another heart. Repeat to create additional servings, until all the sheet cake has been used.

7. To serve, top each mini heart-shaped cake with a dollop of whipped topping and chocolate shavings (optional).


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Categories: American, Desserts

Thanks to JB411 from St. Louis, MO for submitting this recipe.

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