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Mom's Hot Dog Boats

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
1 person

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Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line 1 large (18 X 12 inch) baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. Place the water, salt, garlic powder, butter and milk in a microwave-safe medium glass bowl. Heat in the microwave on high for 3 minutes or until boiling. Remove and add the potato flakes to moisten. Let stand until liquid is absorbed. Fluff potatoes with a fork; set aside. Cut each hot dog down the center ¾ inch deep. You will not be totally cutting the hot dog in half. Open up the hot dogs and lay both sides flat on the prepared baking sheet. Evenly divide the potatoes to the tops of each hot dog. Flatten the potatoes slightly so they will over hand the hot dog. Then evenly sprinkle on the bacon bits and cheese to the tops of the potatoes. Place hot dogs in the preheated oven and let bake for 15-20 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted. Take out of the oven and eat at any time.


My mom made these for me when I was little. We'd get them as a lunch meal when we were sick or as requested for a special birthday treat. I carried the same traditions through to my family. Birthdays, sleepovers or just because are all reason in my house to get this wonderful meal. My Save-A-Lot Store has all the ingredients right at my finger tips. So it's quick and easy to make this meal happen for my family.

Categories: Dinner, Lunch, Main Dishes

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