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Party Pinwheel Appetizers

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
8 people

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Party Pinwheel Appetizers

These easy party pinwheel appetizers are a terrific make-ahead finger food. A light and fun cream cheese appetizer like this one is sure to be a popular dish at virtually any gathering. With a few quick slices, tortilla roll-ups filled with bacon, cream cheese and veggies are transformed into bite-size party snacks that feed a crowd!



1. Soften the cream cheese until it’s easily spreadable. Add the 2 cups of shredded cheese and bacon bits, and blend well.

2. Add the green onions and tomatoes, and mix lightly until blended.

3. Take a tortilla and cut about an inch off the two opposite sides. Spread about 1/2 cup of the cheese mixture over the entire tortilla, and roll up from the rounded end like a jelly roll.

4. Repeat with the remaining tortillas until all filling has been used. Wrap the tortilla roll-ups individually in plastic wrap and chill for an hour (or overnight if desired).

5. Unwrap and slice the tortilla roll-ups into ½-inch slices, arrange on a plate, and your party pinwheel appetizers are ready to serve!


I came up with this recipe about 10 years ago. I was always experimenting with different kinds of party foods to serve, and discovered that a cream cheese appetizer was often a hit. I have made these party pinwheel appetizers for weddings, parties, baby showers and all kinds of get-togethers. It is my most requested party snack.

Categories: Appetizers, Dinner, Lunch, Mexican

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Instead of tomatoes my grandmother taught me to use taco seasoning in the cream cheese. Very yummy without the juicy mess of tomatoes!

aakers1120, Mineral Point, MO

This dish always wows the crowd at potlucks or picnics and the ingredients are simple.

sharon.jantz, Denver, CO

This is ta errific dish for a potluck or picnic. The ingredients are simple, but the crowd will go wild over it.

sharon.jantz, Denver, CO

this is a quick and easy recipe to make. It is great for family reunions, parties, or office carry ins. It is inexpensive to make and not the usual recipe that everyone else will bring. Extra tasty! Yum!!

tikihut_genius, Millersburg, OH

I love this recipe! I make it at least twice a month!!

mackendall2, Tifton, GA