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Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes

These recipes for salads offer a rainbow of fresh ideas.

If you’ve ever thought that recipes for salads are all just variations of a green salad, just wait until you see the fresh ideas we have in store. Our salad recipes use all kinds of different ingredients, from cabbage to pineapple, from bacon to spaghetti, and you can customize them according to your family’s tastes. Having plenty to choose from allows you to mix it up when it comes to making healthy choices and serving nutritious, tasty side dishes. Make sure to check out the reviews for each recipe for even more fresh ideas on how to mix it up.

Do you have a special way to make a green salad? Or a surprising tuna salad ingredient that gets people talking? Log in as a Smart Shopper and submit your own salad recipes.

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Italian Pasta Salad

This Italian pasta salad recipe is a great foundation for creating your family’s signature pasta salad with...

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