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Salmon Snack

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
4 people

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Salmon Snack



1. Using leftover salmon (baked, grilled or fried) flake with fingers & remove bones if any.

2. Sprinkle pinch of salt over salmon.

3. Mix sour cream & horseradish together & add to salmon. (Fork works best for mixing). Mix well adjusting taste if desired by adding more horseradish. Serve on saltines.


My husband & I enjoy salmon & were thrilled to see Save-A-Lot carrying salmon. Sometimes we have chunks left over or fix more than we can eat comfortably for dinner. Previously, I mixed the sour cream & dill you also sell with the leftovers-which is very good-but my husband suggested adding the horseradish with the sour cream. It can be with the plain sour cream or the sour cream & dill. Both are delicious! Try & enjoy!

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a great idea and so good! ..... thanks for sharing this! .. Almost sounds like a Polish recipe and I am Polish and this is awesome! .. Healthy snack to be sure! .. great tasting.......


Good snack recipe.

sharroyn, Suwanee, GA
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