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A Tisket A Tasket – Eggs In A Basket

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
4 people

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Eggs in a Basket is also known as A Tisket A Tasket, like the nursery rhyme (“A tisket a tasket, a green and yellow basket…”) But no matter what you call it, this is a simple, tasty and fun breakfast recipe that uses ingredients you likely keep on-hand.



Cut a circle in the middle of each slice of bread. Melt the margarine (or use butter) in a frying pan, using ½ tsp to 1 tsp per serving. Place one or two bread slices in the frying pan, making sure the bread stays flat to the pan. Crack the egg into the hole in the bread, and cook until the egg is done. Place on a plate and serve with syrup.


My dad used to make eggs in a basket for us as kids and now he makes it for the grandkids. It’s the one time of the day we stopped what we all were doing no matter what just to have family time together.

Categories: Breakfast, Main Dishes

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Growing up my Dad used to make this. He used a glass to make the HOLE in the middle of the bread. We called it "Chicken in the window".

roseart00, NISKAYUNA, NY

Sounds great! I love the idea of toasting the lil circle that you cut out and using that with everything... I wouldn't use the syrup just cause I like the egg over-easy anyways... Gonna have to try that...

killabti81, Seminole, FL

This is one of my family's favorite breakfast, only we always called it "Bulls-eyes" because we would make a soft yolk when cooking the egg in the center of the bread so that we could dip the cut out circle, or "bulls-eye" in the yolk when we ate it. Never had it with syrup but I'm sure its good because my aunt cook a fried egg and put it between two waffles and eat it with syrup. That was really good too.

jpocus, Roseville, MI

Growing up, we always called them "Popeye's" We toasted the bread circle and included it on the plate next to the top of the "popeye". I still make them for my family today.

tmercks, Maryville, TN

These are Great! We always called them one eyed willy's when I was growing up. Kind of funny but, they are very good for you. The syrup is really good on them too! Just think of it as french toast. That's pretty much what it is, just made a little different.

valeriemquinn1980, La Vergne, TN

It sounds easy, but I'm not sure how I'd like the syrup on the egg

felinefan780, Lewisburg, PA

the kids love these, we call them toad in a hole.

rae_259, warner robins, GA

great recipe easy to prepare,love sav-a-lot

lfonseca, slidell, LA

we have made thes for years we call them eggs in a basket... delicious and easy

Tina567, Winter Springs, FL

we call them eggs in a basket... a siple and delicous breakfast

Tina567, Winter Springs, FL

We call this eggs in a basket but I've never tried it with syrup sounds good

kcombs2728, East Fultonham, OH

I found this to be just right for a decent b'fast when hurrying out to get to work.

bajohn, Winter Haven, FL


ghines9, Louisville, KY

Thanks, this is super great!

rosalie, HALTOM CITY, TX

This recipe is the bomb!! We love it!! Thank you so much for sharing it. It is perfect for any time of the day or night.

tazgirl2217, Hudson, FL


foreverwillis24, Cherryville, NC

Love this recipe!! My uncle called them 'Newfy Eggs', as he was from Newfoundland... I make them often, and my family loves them !!

dianeneyk, Batavia, NY

I've been making this for years, my kids loved this before school, quick, easy one pan meal that is healthy and hearty Love it!

BGFulmer, Brant, NY

Recipe was quick and easy. Good too.

lynch, Danville, KY

My Children LOVED this recipe and ask for more. I will for sure make this again.

Mom4everof4, Independence, MO

I just tried this--I left my bread in a minute and flipped it over to brown a little, and then put my egg in and again flipped it. I had a piece of lunchmeat ham on the side. mmmm delicious!

coupons.polley, North Port, FL

I'm really dating myself, but when I was a kid in Wyoming, we called this breakfast treat "Toad-N-Hole".. we really loved it.

kennyc1939, Elgin, SC

My kids are picky eaters, they thought this was great! It is wonderful to look on here for new ideas!

Cyndy, Manchester, IA

Tried this one - - Kids LOVED it!!!

mkahl, Powhatan Point, OH

my grown son learned from a friend of his... loves to make it .... eggs are so good too... haven't seen him use the syrup though... I will mention to him to try it


my grown son learned from a friend of his... loves to make it .... eggs are so good too... haven't seen him use the syrup though... I will mention to him to try it


sounds delicious..great sunday morning starter!!!


This is really simple to make. My boy friend interduced this recipe to me. The children love it too. We do not put syrup on them though. He calls it eggs in the middle of toast.

lgerry, Sanford, ME

My kids will love these! I can't wait to try them for breakfast Saturday

kelly.chisman, Inverness, FL

I've been making this for years, we call it "egg in a basket".

tishtishx, BEAUTY, KY

We called ours "Martha Washington eggs" and omitted the syrup.

joycie48, West Salem, IL

My family call these" egg-in-the-holes''. All of my kids love these. Lisa, Ohio

Lcowen99, Vienna, OH

I have served these for years, under the name, Toad-in-the-hole. My family loves them.

jmills, Homosassa, FL
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