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Tuna Salson

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
1 person

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Pour tuna into a bowl and use lemon juice, and parsley on it. Dice up peppers, onions and tomato into bowl. Heat stove top with olive oil on medium heat. Put 3/4 of small 8oz can of tomatoe paste and put on to cook. Then pour all of tuna and diced up sides together. Pour 1 oz of water and mix it up. Cook for about 3 minutes. Then serve.


The story behind this meal is what Health is all about and monitoring your weight. I am an athlete who enjoys eating the right foods with good taste. Many times I would have to lose weight for competitions and got tired of eating chicken and fish all the time. So I got creative one day and decided to eat tuna with some dressing on it. After trying different kind for recipes I finally found this one to be the best tasting and more natural to fix up. Also it was fast and easy. The meal also was a purpose to show my fiance something to cook for me when I am in a rush and need something fast to eat that won't take up too much time to cook. After discovering my new recipe I realized it was all created while listening to Latin music in the kitchen. I finally came up with a nickname for it!

Categories: Main Dishes

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