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Store Experience

We’re bringing back your neighborhood grocery store.

save-a-lot employee at work

Our Stores

Did Supermarkets kill the neighborhood grocery store?  Almost, but here at Save-A-Lot, it's a way of life.

Our shoppers tell us they are sick of huge parking lots, dozens of crammed aisles, overstocked shelves, and rude cashiers... and quite frankly, so are we.  Visit your local Save-A-Lot today and see how enjoyable your grocery shopping experience can be.  We are bringing back the neighborhood grocery store by popular demand!  Our stores are smaller and aisles are wider, making it easy to find the items you're looking for.

Every Day Low Price

Did you know that $270 billion of coupons are printed every year?  That's a lot of added cost to your groceries!  Here at Save-A-Lot, our prices are low every single day.  Our Every Day Low Price strategy saves you up to 40%!

save-a-lot store front

The Checkout

Everyone knows that baggers standing around only add to grocery prices, so we've put our foot down and said "no".  Our customers are happy to bag their own groceries if it means affording a night out for their family, or entertaining their friends at home.  We'll worry about keeping costs low so you can worry about the best ways to use your money.

Here at Save-A-Lot, we also encourage our shoppers to bring their bags from home.  Many of our shoppers are concerned about the environment and reuse their bags, but if this is your first trip to Save-A-Lot we do charge a small fee for bags.  For our "greener" customers, we also have eco-friendly Save-A-Lot totes!