Big Game Headquarters for Recipes, Tips and More!
Big Game Headquarters for Recipes, Tips and More!

Big Game Headquarters

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Our steps to saving more on your Big Game party:


Make Your Menu


Step 1: Decide on Your Big Game Menu. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite recipes.


Make Your Shopping List


Step 2: Make your Shopping List.


Shop at Save-A-Lot


Step 3: Shop at Save-A-Lot. You'll save up to 40% more with us. See what is on sale at your local grocery store.




Inexpensive Party Decor?

We've got a few ideas for simple and inexpensive party decor. Using simple decor will save you time and money and leave you and your guests focusing on the game!

  • Green Tablecloths - pick up simple green table clothes to cover your table, island or coffee table. The subtle hint to the field will add some brightness to your snack spread.

    • Want to take the field even further? Use masking tape to make some field lines. The masking tape will not only hold the tablecloth in place it will be a cute party decor.

  • Yellow Napkins - Use yellow napkins to mimic penalty flags. Your guests might not notice but it will add more color to your table.

  • Shape a Snack into a football - this can be accomplished a number of ways: hand molding something into the shape; using a cookie cutter; or using football colors. Below are a few examples:

    • Make a football shape made out of sliced cheese onto a platter OR shape a homemade cheeseball into the shape of a football. Use pretzels or bacon to create the football string.

    • Use a cookie cutter to cut brownies or cookies into the shape of a football. Use white chocolate to draw football strings onto each.

    • Dip strawberries into milk chocolate and carefully draw football string using white chocolate onto each strawberry. 

  • XOXO - Serve bitesized appetizers with a "X" or "O" drawn on them. This would be easy to add onto cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc. Incorporate some arrows to mirror a coach's clipboard. 

  • Craft paint some containers. Use some of the kids' craft paint to paint 1-2 plastic cups into footballs. Use the cups to hold napkins, plastic cutlery, or other small snacks. 

Blogger Decor Inspiration!

Our Save-A-Lot Insiders know how to plan a party on a budget! Check out their suggestions for the perfect Big Game get-together.

Football Drinks

Football Drinks

Use glass jars, dark colored soda, and white tape to create football drinks! Your guests can even write their names on the tape with markers so they don’t lose their cups.

Photo courtesy of Giustina M., Domestically Blissful

Party Paper and Plastic

Party Paper and Plastic Goods

For an easy post-party cleanup, pick up paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils on your shopping trip to Save-A-Lot before the Big Game!

Photo courtesy of Amy D., Savvy Saving Couple

Quick Snacks

Quick Snacks

Fill brown paper bags with popcorn and pretzels for your guests to grab throughout the game. This is also great for anyone who has the pre-game munchies.

Photo courtesy of Giustina M., Domestically Blissful

Team Colored Straws and Cups

Team Colored Straws and Cups

Add colored striped straws and plastic cups to support your team. If half of your guests are rooting for one team and the other half is rooting against them, buy each teams colors to stir the rivalry.

Photo courtesy of Krissy B., B-Inspired Mama

Don’t Forget the Dips

Don't Forget the Dips

What would a Big Game Party be without dips? Check out some of our favorite dip recipes below.

Photo courtesy of Megan K., With Salt and Wit

Football Shaped Desserts

Football Shaped Brownies

Brownies, cookies, or cakes can all easily be shaped into a football. Use pipe white icing to create the football lace and you’re done!

Photo courtesy of Giustina M., Domestically Blissful