Healthy Swaps
Healthy Swaps

Healthy eating is affordable, by making small changes you can maintain a healthy wallet and lifestyle. 

Try making simple substitutions to sacrifice fat and calories, but not flavor.

Learn how these substitutes save you:

Avocado Mash on BurgerGround Turkey instead of Ground BeefFruit Dip
Spread some smashed avocado over your burger instead of mayo for a lighter creamy topping!Lean ground turkey makes a great substitute for ground beef. Great in tacos, burgers and more!Delicious non-fat yogurt makes a perfect simple fruit dip. You'll save money and calories choosing yogurt over caramel dip.
Fruit WaterGreek Yogurt instead of Sour CreamGreek Yogurt in Smoothies
Save money and reduce your sugar intake by making fruit infused water instead of buying soda or other sweet drinks.Instead of using sour cream to top your tacos Greek Yogurt makes a delicious healthy alternative!Add extra protein to your homemade smoothies by adding some Greek Yogurt.
Avocado Tuna SaladMashed CauliflowerRolled Oats instead of Sugary Cereal
Make your tuna salad even healthier by using mashed avocado instead of mayo!Regular mashed potatoes contain loads of starch and fat - try mashed cauliflower instead.Start your morning with rolled oats and fresh fruit instead of sugary cereal. You'll feel full longer and have a happier waistline.
Homemade Smoothies instead of Fast Food SmoothiesSpaghetti Squash instead of Regular SpaghettiBaked Sweet Potato Fries instead of French Fries
Enjoy a delicious homemade smoothies instead of wasting time and money in the fast food drive-thru.Try substituting spaghetti squash for normal spaghetti.Baked Sweet Potato Fries are easy to make and a delicious and healthier alternative to french fries.