Easy Lunchbox Ideas
Easy Lunchbox Ideas

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5 Non-Sandwich Lunches

Tired of sandwiches for lunch? Check out our 5 Non-Sandwich lunches to shake up your lunch box menu!

  1. Mini Corn Dogs - Try making homemade mini corn dogs paired with your favorite dipping sauce. Also, pack apple slices with peanut butter for a delicious side.

  2. Sausage, Cheese, and Crackers - Make your own pre-made lunch by packing your favorite smoked sausage, cheese slices, and crackers! Kids will have fun building their own bites! Grapes make a great side for this lunch.

  3. Banana & Peanut Butter Roll Up - Picky eater? Try packing a peanut butter and banana roll up with some of your favorite toppings - like chocolate chips! This tortilla roll up is packed with protein and sure to keep them full throughout the day. Include cubed cheese and berries as a side.

  4. Nachos - Pack nachos using compartment lunch box with all of your favorite toppings! Using the separate compartments will make sure your tortilla chips stay crunchy! Pack a granola bar or a cheese quesadilla as a side!

  5. Salad - Salad doesn't have to be boring - grill some chicken or steak at the beginning of the week so you can have a healthy protein to include. Make sure to pack your dressing in a separate container or plastic baggy to make sure your salad doesn't get soggy! Note: Not a fan of chicken/steak? Try hard boiled eggs for some added protein!


Want to avoid the Brown Bag Blues? Take a look at our easy tips for keeping your kiddos excited about what's inside of their lunchbox!

  1. Double Duty Dinner: Use leftovers for lunch. Extra chicken nuggets or holiday leftovers are great the next day!
  2. Get Creative: Surprise them with fun shaped meals using cookie cutters or fun fruit faces.
  3. Get the Kids Involved: Encourage kids to help pack lunches by making a sandwich or picking a side.
  4. Heat It Up: There's nothing like a warm meal on a chilly day. Keep it warm in a thermos.
  5. Keep it Cool: Pack a frozen drink to keep everything cold. By lunch, it will be thawed and ready to drink!
  6. Make it Special: Include a special note or treat to put a smile on their face.
  7. Mix it Up: Try not to pack the same thing every day. Mix it up with a new drink or side.