Cheers to the New Year
Cheers to the New Year

The New Year calls for a celebration!

Save time and money planning the perfect New Year's Eve party by following our hosting tips. You can also create your own menu with our recipes for appetizers and mocktails below.


Tips for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

See below of our tips on how to ring in the New Year affordably!


  1. Serve Bite-Sized Appetizers. Don’t worry about cooking a full dinner for your party; prepare bite-sized appetizers to keep your guests going until the clock strikes midnight!

  2. BYOB. Encourage your guests to “Bring Your Own Booze."You can save money by providing mixers and asking guests to bring their favorite alcohol.

  3. Plastic Saves Time & Money. Plastic utensils, plates and cups are inexpensive and easy to clean up. No dishes on New Year’s Day will start your year off with a smile!

  4. Make Your Own Noise Makers. Make your own noise makers for the big celebration. Reuse some leftovers from Christmas like ribbon, ornament balls, and more! Check out our Pinterest Page for party ideas.